You are My Sunshine – My Year-round Sunshine – Collage

Sun Collage

Today, I just hung up my biggest and heaviest piece of work to date:  This sun collage is on a wooden plank that’s 230 cm long.  Now I have sun in my gallery on stormy days and during the polar night season.

Sun collage, wood plank

I absolutely love it!  It puts a smile on my face whenever I glance its way.  And it’s also a bit of a repurpose project.  When I was painting the interior of the gallery, I found a long wooden plank stashed in a little nook, along with a corroded battery and trash bags.  Although the other items had to be thrown away, this plank, with nails sticking out of the ends, was crying for a make-over.

“You are my sunshine, my year-round sunshine!  You make me happy when skies are gray!”

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About ekhaugli

A songwriter friend of ours came up with a catchy 80’s rock tune with the lyrics: “I’m Erica from America Living in Norway, just about nowhere.” It’s so catchy, I guarantee you’d sing it in the shower. But it’s not all together true because I don’t live “just about nowhere”, I live at the top of the world - Honningsvåg, North Cape, Norway!
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6 Responses to You are My Sunshine – My Year-round Sunshine – Collage

  1. Mark says:

    Your collages is beautiful! Makes me happy too.

  2. Smiles across the ocean right into the middle of the prairies of Saskatchewan – can’t help it but feel happy when I look at this great collage!

    • ekhaugli says:

      Thank you Anna. What a wonderful way to start my Thursday morning! What a blessing to hear that people are happy when they see my artwork. Now the creative juices are really flowing ;-)

  3. Diane Rima says:

    You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray, you’ll never know dear how much I love you………..please don’t take my sunshine away.
    This collage is AMAZING. The fact that such beauty was created on a throw-away piece of wood ~~ rather reminds me of what God does with His kids :-). Keep creating my dear friend, I love watching your studio unfold (and you too!).

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